So Much for Free Speech

This was a difficult week for free speech. Chapter 6 of The End of America looks at the potential for the federal government interfering with free speech rights – by curtailing freedom of the press and by prohibiting “hate speech” by law. Both events occurred this week. First, the White House tried to prohibit Fox News from attending a major news conference (announcement regarding limits on executive pay). Only a refusal to attend by the other five news networks stopped this onslaught on First Amendment freedom of the press. Secondly, the Congress passed and sent to the President the “Federal Hate Crimes Act”. Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council said the new law is “part of a radical social agenda that could ultimately silence Christians and use the force of government to marginalize anyone whose faith is at odds with homosexuality.” Persecution of the church by the Daughter of Babylon/America is one of the prophesied end times occurrences that will come before her destruction. (Isaiah 47:1-6)


Five attacks in the last 10 days. Five times the Taliban Jihadists have attacked government and army installations in Pakistan in just over one week. Those numbers are scary, but the CRITICAL NUMBER is the number of NUCLEAR DEVICES in the hands of the Pakistani government. NINETY NUKES. If the Taliban prevails in Pakistan, they will immediately have access to more than enough weapons to bring the DEATH to AMERICA that Jihadists promise in Arab streets on a regular basis.


Events pointing to the future were swirling throughout this week. Here are just a few of the momentous news making events: 1.) Israel’s ability to hold onto its nukes was questioned by those who want to disarm Israel; 2.) General McChrystal was publically muzzled after he called for more troops to fight terrorists in Afghanistan; 3.) The US House passed the Federal Hate Crimes Bill which will lead to the muzzling of Christians who stand for the Biblical view of morality; and 4.) The President, in the midst of making final decisions about the US war against terrorism, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, obviously meant to nudge him away from US acceleration of its efforts against Jihadist terrorists. No thinking Christian can be complacent after the events of this week.

What is the Truth?

In 2007 the US government issued an intelligence report claiming that Iran had “halted” its efforts to produce nuclear weapons. On Sunday a confidential United Nations nuclear agency report was leaked to media claiming that Iran actually has been developing nukes, contrary to the 2007 US report. The relevance of this dangerous discrepancy is that the US has recently claimed that al Qaeda is “shrinking” and is having trouble recruiting young Arabs. However, the Washington Times recently reported that al Qaeda is extending its reach, adding recruits and establishing stronger bases in Somalia, Yemen and Pakistan. What is the truth? Last year the United States Secretary of the Treasury assured Americans that named US Banks were financially strong. We have since learned that the statements were false, and known to be false at the time. Be careful in accepting statements made as truth.


What did the US promise Iran in this week’s secret meetings to cause it to agree to give up nuclear material to Russia for processing by France into nuclear fuel rods? Leaks from the secret negotiations pointed to a “significant” offer/inducement by America to cause Iran to agree to the deal. Ezekiel prophesies that Persia (today’s Iran) and Gog (today’s Russia) will some day seek to invade Israel when it’s at “peace”. These leaked agreements could be the early elements of a “peace” agreement in which Israel gives up its God-given land for peace. Stay tuned.