In September we looked at the THE PERFECT PRESIDENT. The thesis of the post was that we currently have a President who is Marxist, Muslim and anti-colonial (a/k/a Anti-American) by background, training and family relations. Only God could have brought to the most important office in the world such a man with such a dangerous background. As the “Perfect Storm” off the coast of Maine in 1991 was an unusual combination of three storm systems, the post suggested that the incumbent President was also an unprecedented combination in a President. Our sovereign God has carefully confirmed to us in His Word that He raises up and He takes down the rulers of every earthly nation and kingdom. The post suggested that the incumbent is the Perfect President to accomplish was God may have planned for the nation that has turned its back on Him. If so, no one could defeat His plan and His chosen candidate.

Until recently, it appeared that the Ruler of the Universe was allowing Governor Romney to develop a lead in the 2012 race for the White House. Many were relieved as they concluded that the incumbent President would be turned out of office on November 6th, and thus not be in a position to betray Israel, which would lead to America’s destruction under the principle of Genesis 12:3 (God promises to curse those who curse Israel). (see THE END OF AMERICA softback book Amazon or Kindle –

Then along came Sandy. America was again hit by three storms at once. A hurricane, a cyclone and an arctic blast all arranged to hit the US at the same time and over several hundred miles. Described as a Super Storm, Frankenstorm, MegaStorm, etc., it was widely seen as the worst storm to hit the US in decades, maybe ever, causing over $20 Billion in damages, cutting power to over eight million people and resulting in dozens of deaths. The New York Stock Exchange and the federal government were both closed due to the weather. The event has been well covered, as one of the year’s (decade’s?) (century’s?) most important news stories. What is just now emerging, but which may likely become the most important story to emerge from Sandy, is how it will affect next Tuesday’s elections.

As the Mayor of Chicago once observed, people in power should never let a good crisis go to waste.  Thus, a critical view of Sandy would be to ask how the candidates will spin the effects of Sandy in the election and in the various States? How might God allow Sandy to be used to determine the occupant of the Oval Office?


FEMA’s Director let it be known that FEMA has looked into the question of delaying an election.

“A 2004 Congressional Research Service report on the possibility of delaying the election (at the time, the concern was a terrorist attack) concluded that “there is also no federal law which currently provides express authority to ‘postpone’ an election, although the potential operation of federal statutes regarding vacancies and the consequences of a State’s failure to select on the prescribed election day … might allow the States to hold subsequent elections in “exigent” circumstances.” (Washington Post, October 30, 2012)

Fox’s token Democrat, Bob Beckel, asked on air the same day how the US could hold an election if it meant that “some people couldn’t vote” due to power outages and the inability to use electronic voting machines. It wouldn’t take a very active imagination to envision a scenario in which the President would issue an Executive Order (it would be only one of 139 already issued on various topics) in which the Presidential Election is temporarily delayed, until, that is, all of the States certify that all of the polls are back up and ready to operate.

All manner of electoral mischief could happen during the interim, before the election is finally held (assuming that the election is actually held). People are willing to accept many things in a crisis. Dancing with the Stars announced Tuesday that due to the storm, no dancers would be thrown off the show next week, election week/Sandy recovery week. No protests appeared to have occurred upon this announcement from a television show in which tens of millions regularly vote.


Since elections are generally run by the States, the powers that be may decide to go ahead with the election for those States who want to proceed (those not much affected, if at all, by the storm), and suggest that the States affected by Sandy extend their period for voting by, say, two more weeks. If that were to occur, two thirds, or so, of the States would vote, with the results well known and widely reported.

The result would be that both candidates would know how many electoral votes are still in play and are still needed to win, which would translate into how many more votes are needed in the required States to win those States. Voters in, say Pennsylvania, would know, because they would be repetitively told, that if they come out now and vote THEY can decide the next President. Any urban ward heeler knows that the key number is always, “how many more votes do we need to win”.   Talk about media pressure, buying votes and wall-to-wall television ads! If the election came down to just 1-5 States in play, and two weeks to make it happen, all manner of electoral evil would break out. We might actually need the UN election observers (blog humor, sorry).


Though less likely, it is conceivable that the election could be cancelled, either by Executive Order, a FEMA Order or by a friendly federal judge who issues a wide-ranging Order, based on “the emergency” and “exigent circumstances”. Without question such an Order would lead to massive protests. Millions of Americans would rebel at being told that their right to vote had been suspended. Riots and bloodshed could follow.

But, though unlikely, it’s not an impossibility, for at least two reasons:

A. Prophecy – The verses describing the “Daughter of Babylon” tell us that there will arise within that great and powerful end times nation, before its demise, widespread unrest, described as “lion cubs growling” and “ruler against ruler”.

B. Marxist/Muslim Doctrine – Marxism teaches as a key tenet that one never, ever, gives up power once it is obtained. Saul Alinsky, likewise, advocated to seize power “for the people” and not let it go. Muslims teach that Allah wants his followers to “conquer the entire world for Allah”. A man raised as a Muslim and mentored by a Marxist must have learned that giving up power once obtained is not an option.

Would such a move split the country? Undoubtedly, but power would still be retained by the incumbent.


A final scenario arising from the timing of Sandy, arriving just before the most important Presidential election in decades, is that many small changes may have been or will be made by the super storm, that will tip the electoral college either way. A voter here, several there, some machines flooded, some election workers who can’t now work, endorsements that now get forgotten, etc. It doesn’t take much to change an election outcome in a close State. Sandy may have or will change enough voters and their  votes in enough States to change the final vote in the electoral college, and determine the outcome. God, after all, is in control of America’s electoral college. If He wasn’t, He wouldn’t be sovereign.


If we learn next week that His will includes choices we would not have made, that will not change the fact that He rules over the affairs of man on this earth. God bless.

John Price