Tornadoes and Treaties

Tornadoes and Treaties

Readers of THE END OF AMERICA, as well as Bill Koenig’s EYE TO EYE – FACING THE CONSEQUENCES OF DIVIDING ISRAEL, know that God is more than serious when he warns earthlings that they will be cursed if they curse Israel (Genesis 12:3). America has historically benefitted from blessing Israel, as God has made good on the first part of Genesis 12:3, that He will bless those who bless Israel. However, since George Bush 41 first proposed that Israel give up its God-given land, America has been pummeled by various “natural disasters”, usually setting records for their ferocity. The recent tornadoes sweeping across America’s south eastern states set historical records. Over 342 people dead; one twister traced along an amazing 320 mile path; over 300 actual tornadoes tracked and documented.

Those who understand that God is a God of linkage, i.e., that we always reap what we sew, are wondering what the US must be doing in these days to pressure Israel? Frequently in the past, America has tried to force Israel to give up its land, in actions taken largely behind the scenes, and not generally known to the public. That is sadly the case in these days, also. Just days ago, the New York Times revealed that a major global effort is underway to cause the United Nations General Assembly in mid-September of this year to adopt a resolution “welcoming the State of Palestine as a member” of the UN. What areas are proposed to be included in this brand new nation? The Times revealed that the fledgling nation would “include all of the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem”. Wow. That’s quite a takeover. Israel currently has a significant percentage of its population living in the West Bank in various decades old settlements, as well as in East Jerusalem. It has no residents in Gaza, of course, because it unwisely in 2005 under PM Sharon decided to try and give up its “land for peace” in Gaza, under intense US pressure. Bush 43 and Secretary of State Rice succeeded in getting Israel to make the Israeli residents of Gaza homeless, followed immediately by Hurricane Katrina doing the same thing in the US.

What is happening is a not very subtle variation of the old “squeeze play”. Israel is being intensely pressured by the world, as the Times stated in its headline: Time for Israeli Offer May Run Out as Palestinian State Nears Recognition. Essentially, what the United States and its Arab nation friends are saying to Israel is ‘give us your best giveaway of your land, so we can make a peace treaty, taking that land, or otherwise, we’ll just take it by way of UN resolution recognizing the new State of Palestine, and shoving you off the land’. What makes the United States think we can avoid the impact of Genesis of 12:3? What gives America the right to force a sovereign nation to give up its own land to others?

What will Israel do? The Wall Street Journal recently disclosed that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is bending under this intense (behind the scenes) international pressures. The Journal reported: “Mr. Netanyahu, on the defensive internationally amid a Palestinian drive for United Nations recognition of statehood, is expected to unveil an Israeli peace initiative in an address in Washington next month before a joint session of Congress.” Very few national leaders are ever invited to speak before the US House and Senate. The fact that Israeli’s leader has been invited to do so is a sure indicator that the US is behind this latest effort to make Israel give back what God has given to His chosen people.

Anyone who wonders what America has done to Israel to invite His recent powerful expression of dis-satisfaction, need only read behind the headlines. Watch what PM Netanyahu reveals in his Congressional speech in May on Capitol Hill. Watch for what else will happen to the US as a result of our obvious increasing pressure on Israel. But particularly, watch the UN in mid September and see what the divine response will be. In mid-September 2008 President Bush planned to announce in Manhattan at the UN that Israel had agreed to give up part of its God-given land. Instead, Bear Sterns and Lehman Brothers made the headlines, as the US economy hit the wall. The Times in their article said that “All eyes are on the General Assembly in the fall”. Our eyes should be also, as we pray that US efforts against Israel will come to naught.