In the last seven days two of America’s most important elected officials uttered words - important words - chilling words. What are the implications of those words for American Christian and Jewish families from a prophetic viewpoint? The Bible says that before the Daughter of Babylon/Babylon the Great is destroyed (which will happen as a result of its betrayal of an invaded Israel) it will experience widespread violence, strangers in the sanctuaries and blood in the church (Jeremiah 51:38,39,49,51 and Revelation 18:24). The words recently spoken may well point to the soon occurrence of these prophesied events in America. Who spoke the words? The Governor of the State of New York and the President of the United States of America. What were the words?

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in a radio interview said that members of the GOP with “extreme” views are creating a problem for their party, saying that “their problem isn’t me and the Democrats; their problem is themselves. Who are they? Right to life, pro-assault weapons, anti-gay – if that’s who they are, they have no place in the State of New York, because that’s not who New Yorkers are.” He added that moderate Republicans, though, such as the liberals in the New York State Senate, “have a place in their State”.

President Obama’s words were given on three different occasions last weeks, but were all quite similar in the message he conveyed:

A. The President Tells His Cabinet - On January 14th the President held a rare meeting with the members of his Cabinet. At the Cabinet meeting the President was heard whistling (Inside Edition reported that the song he was whistling was John Mellencamp’s “Little Pink Houses”. For the lyrics, see below). Once the meeting started he told the leaders of the Executive Branch of the Federal government that, “We’re not just going to be waiting for legislation in order to make sure that we’re providing Americans the kind of help they need. I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone. And I can use that pen to sign executive orders and take executive actions and administrative actions that move the ball forward….”

B. The President Tells His Party Leaders – The next day, January 15th, the President met with United States Senators from his party at the White House. No official statement was released, but the Associated Press reported that: “The White House says Obama wants to work with Congress to make progress, but will also act on his own to get things done.The wire service story also noted that: “The Senators left the White House without speaking to reporters.” (Can you recall ever seeing a US Senator ignore a microphone?)

C. The President Tells the American People – On Saturday, January 18th, the President gave his weekly short radio message. In his address carried across the nation, the President said: “Where Congress isn’t acting, I’ll act on my own to put opportunity within reach for anyone who’s willing to work for it.”

Anyone who has spent any time in government and the political arena knows that words spoken by public officials, especially Presidents and Governors, are carefully scripted before they are uttered. Frequently, the words are tested with focus groups and are certainly cleared in advance by the public official’s staff and appointees. This is all by way of saying that the words spoken by Governor Cuomo and President Obama were carefully selected to accomplish a purpose. What were the purposes of their words? Time, of course, and eventual leaks, will confirm their true, underlying reason, but at this early stage, we can legitimately speculate.

Since no American President has ever been heard whistling a song at a Cabinet meeting, it might be helpful to read the lyrics of the song he was whistling. Here they are as written by John Mellencamp:


There's a black man with a black cat livin' in a black neighborhood
He's got an interstate runnin' through his front yard
You know he thinks that he's got it so good
And there's a woman in the kitchen cleanin' up the evenin' slop
And he looks at her and says, "Hey darlin', I can remember when
You could stop a clock."
Oh but ain't that America for you and me
Ain't that America somethin' to see baby
Ain't that America home of the free
Little pink houses for you and me

There's a young man in a t-shirt
Listenin' to a rockin' rollin' station
He's got greasy hair, greasy smile
He says, "Lord this must be my destination."
'Cause they told me when I was younger
"Boy you're gonna be president."
But just like everything else those old crazy dreams
Just kinda came and went
Well there's people and more people
What do they know know know
Go to work in some high rise
And vacation down at the Gulf of Mexico
Ooh yeah
And there's winners and there's losers
But they ain't no big deal
'Cause the simple man baby pays for the thrills, the bills,
The pills that kill

You can come to your own conclusion as to why the President chose this song, of the many thousands available, to whistle in front of the US Cabinet. This occurred in a week in which the President said a magazine interview that his falling popularity was due to his race, not his policies.

The United States Constitution is quite specific on the question of which part of the Federal government is to adopt the laws under which Americans live:


All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.

But, last week, the President informed his Cabinet, United States Senators and the American public that he will assume the power to legislate, even though the Constitution provides that “ALL LEGISLATIVE POWERS….SHALL BE VESTED IN A CONGRESS.” “Where Congress isn’t acting” the President says, “I will act on my own.” Whew. How do you spell usurpation of power? How do you define autocratic rule? What is a tyrannical ruler, if not one who “acts on his own” when his legislative body doesn’t do what he wants? The President’s words, delivered on three occasions to differing audiences, can only be seen as a clear and distinct message, maybe even a warning. For the last two years multiple bloggers have speculated that the Executive Orders which have been signed by President Obama were aimed at the purpose of ultimately supporting the declaration of martial law, if violence should break out in America. What additional executive orders, executive actions and administrative actions does the President plan in the days ahead? It’s certainly no secret that millions of Americans are fed up with Washington, DC. Some are planning a massive march on Washington this spring, one group even threatening to arrest US leaders. Can violence be far behind?

What does Governor Cuomo have in mind in the days ahead for New Yorkers who are “pro-life, pro assault weapon, anti-gay”, whom the Governor has decided should no longer live in New York? He says people who think like this “have no place in the state of New York”. Really? So what does he plan to do about the citizens of his state whom he does not favor? Any resident of New York who believes in the sanctity of human life, the Second Amendment or traditional marriage should be concerned. Not just a little concerned, but greatly concerned. Well before Adolph Hitler began to shove Germans into death camps and killing ovens, he used words to tell Germans that there were certain Germans who were not acceptable in Germany, they had no place in Germany. Over time, and eventually, five hundred thousand Jewish residents of Germany took Hitler at his word, they believed he would act on his words, and they fled Germany. They lived, and their descendants lived, as a result.

Words have meaning and they have power. Even the power to kill. Readers of THE END OF AMERICA (available for 99 cents on Kindle) know that God has given us ten different warnings to flee the Daughter of Babylon/Babylon the Great (pages 228 and 229).With the words spoken in the last few days by two of the most powerful men in the world, those who have not yet fled should pay attention and pray for wisdom. Is it time to obey and flee?

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