The BAD News of July 4th

A trick learned early by those who rise to political power is to release bad or negative news to the media on the eve of holidays. Thus, on July 4th America’s media reported the following news. Did you read or hear about it? Most likely, as with most Americans, you were otherwise occupied. What was the news that those in power preferred you not notice?


The July 4th media reported that even though US taxpayers have spent “more than $200 million” to develop a plan for “preventing terrorists from detonating a nuclear bomb in the United States”, the Government Accountability Office (the investigative arm of Congress) has discovered that there is no plan and there are no nuclear screening devices in place to protect America. Wow. That’s some sentence, worth re-reading. Five years of work and $200 million, and no results.

The importance? The Daughter of Babylon, after it stabs Israel in the back when it’s invaded by Gog/Russia and Persia/Iran, is destroyed in “one day”, “one hour” and “one moment”. That can only happen with nuclear devices, which America now admits, in mid-2010, it is unable to detect, prior to detonation. The GAO’s Report noted that there are three main “pathways” into the US for the smuggling of nuclear devices: a.) land border areas between ports of entry, b.) international general aviation and c.) small maritime craft. The Report said that “these pathways are important because dangerous quantities of nuclear and radiological material can be small and portable enough to be carried across land borders by vehicles or pedestrians, on most private aircraft, or by small maritime craft”, noting that there are “at least 13 million registered domestic pleasure craft in the United States and 110,000 commercial fishing vessels.”

Should the potential for smuggled nukes concern us? Well, the importation into the US of narcotics is a felony violation, yet billions of dollars of illegal drugs are smuggled, illegally, into the US every year. If we can’t stop drugs, why do we think we can stop nuclear material and devices? How many nukes are already here? Where are the missing Soviet “suitcase nukes”? The GAO chillingly concluded that the Department of Homeland Security “does not have a strategic plan for the global nuclear detection architecture”.

Our nation commenced on July 4th. 234 years later, on the same day, our media reported how unprepared we are to protect ourselves from destruction. If God wants to protect America from destruction, He Our nation commenced on July 4th. 234 years later, on the same day, our media reported how unprepared we are to protect ourselves from destruction. can and will certainly shelter our nation under His protective hand. When Israel walked with Him, he did so. On the flip side, much the Old Testament records what happened when Israel walked contrary to God and His revealed Word. Why would we think that we are immune from the same justice when we violate the Word, and when we curse Israel? The July 4th GAO Report should be a chilling warning that we are approaching, maybe even hastening towards, days of destruction. We need to pray that America will follow God’s Word and that we bless, not curse, Israel. Genesis 12:3.