November 15, 2016

(Note to Readers: I would not normally write on such a potentially ominous topic. However, the people who are threatening to overturn the recent election and seize the Presidency are quite publically proclaiming their evil plans. Those who pray to the Omnipotent God of the universe need to know what is being openly planned in America so that we can pray accordingly.)

Two events took place in America last week which shook the nation. The first, of course, was the election of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America. In a prior post we looked at the possibility that the election could be postponed, and blamed on the Russians, if Trump was significantly ahead in the polls. That obviously did not happen. Trump only led in 3 of 25 polls in the ten days before the election. Most believed that Trump could not possibly win. But, the voters voted and by 2:32 AM on Wednesday morning it was clear that a political seismic wave had swept across America.

The second significant event followed within hours of the polls closing as thousands of well-organized, well-financed ‘protestors’ filled the streets and freeways of America’s major cities. The ‘protests’, which became “riots” in some cities with police cars in flames, shop windows smashed and a shooting in Portland, were sponsored by, a George Soros financed organization (which even sent out a press release announcing the ‘protests’). Signs carried and chants shouted all conveyed a singular message: ‘Trump is Not My President’. Vandalism and violence against Trump supporters appears to be growing and widespread. In Chicago last Sunday a long side street was filled with buses chartered to bring in outside ‘protestors’ to oppose the inauguration of Donald Trump. Even though this widespread civil unrest was organized well in advance (starting just hours after the winner was declared), the peaceful protestors were well within their First Amendment rights to express their opinion of how America voted on November 8th. There is never a right, of course, to commit violence and mayhem. One “protestor” said on camera that “There will be casualties. Casualties on both sides. That’s what it will take to get our rights”.

It is now more than apparent that for many organized ‘protestors/rioters’ the election is not over, and won’t be over until their choice for President is seated in the Oval Office. That person is not Donald Trump. On the Saturday Night Live program aired on the Saturday after the election the actor who had been portraying Hillary Clinton in several previous shows made a telling statement. At the top of the show after playing a moving version of “Hallelujah”, the Hillary actor turned to the camera and said “I’m not giving up, and you shouldn’t either”. In light of what is happening in cities across America that statement certainly fits the emerging facts.

The problem, and it’s a major problem, is the rioters/protestors’ stated ultimate objective: to insure that President-Elect Trump is never sworn in.

The Drudge Report on Friday carried the red-lettered headline:


Fox News reported that over a hundred thousand tweets mention Trump’s assassination. Upon inquiry to the US Secret Service a spokesman responded that the Service doesn’t investigate assassination messages, unless the sender him/herself threatens to commit the murderous act. One may ask why so many Americans would write about the death of a man just elected as the nation’s President. The answer lies within the second element of the rioters/protestors’ written and spoken complaints.

Their stated goal is very simply to insure that on December 19th when the Electoral College votes, that a majority of Electoral College votes are cast for the 2016 candidate for President who “received the most votes cast”, i.e., Hillary Rodham Clinton (up by about 800,000 on November 14th, with votes still coming in from the West Coast States). How could such a reversal possibly happen? Their openly stated plans are to remove Donald J. Trump as a person for whom Electors can cast their vote. That can only happen if he is not alive (or disabled to the extent of inability to function). Hence, the internet is full of assassination tweets, one even suggesting that “somebody needs to take one for the team and take Trump out”.

The winner of a majority of the electoral votes is viewed as the “President Elect” soon after it is determined by the news services who won States with 270 or more Electors. The purported winner of a Presidential election, though, is not actually the “President Elect” until the Electoral College meets and casts its votes in mid-December. Many believe that if Donald Trump is not alive when the Electoral College votes that Governor Mike Pence, the Vice President Elect, will automatically be chosen as the next President. This understanding of the law is incorrect.

If the winner of a majority of the Electoral votes is not alive in mid-December when the Electoral College Electors cast their votes in the State Houses of the 50 States, the Electors are not bound to vote for the person on the ballot for Vice President. The Electors may vote as they see fit. It has happened before in American history. Since the nation’s founding, 71 Electors in various elections changed their votes due to the death of a candidate for whom they were pledged to vote. An additional 85 Electors failed to vote for the candidates in various elections chosen by their States’ voters, for a variety of different reasons. These 156 “faithless Electors” were not penalized. Fortunately, none of the votes cast contrary to the votes cast in their States changed the election outcome. It is to be expected that Electors nominated by the Republican Party, and representing States which voted for Trump/Pence, will cast their votes instead for Mike Pence. But, it’s not automatic, nor required by law. Only 26 States even have laws requiring that their Electors vote consistent with the winner of their State’s cast votes (the penalties, if any, are light).

The State may not change an Elector’s vote which is cast contrary to his/her pledge to vote for the winning candidate from that State. The 538 Electors (two for each State and DC + one each for each Senator and U.S. House member from each State) on December 19th will cast two distinct ballots, one for President and one for Vice-President. Ballots are cast in secret, so that how an elector votes is only known if the Elector makes the vote public.

This then is the devious plan of those making known what they intend to do. Even before the election liberal bloggers were speculating how they could pick off GOP Electors to vote for Hillary Clinton should Trump win. Now that Trump has what is a clear Electoral College majority of at least 306, the left is beside itself, with increasing levels of ‘protesting/rioting’ each day since the election. They make no secret of their plans, asking Americans to sign a petition on to the Electoral College demanding that the Electors refuse to vote as their State voted (if Trump won, of course). Over four million persons signed the petition within five days of the election. Others suggest that persons who don’t want Trump as the next President go to to read how a shift of a handful of Electors from Trump would throw the election into the US House of Representatives.

Evil Plans

Evil people make evil plans. America has before it a well-organized, well-financed effort to prevent Donald Trump from taking the oath of office as President of the United States next January 20th. Their plan appears to have two parts: a.) eliminate the winner of the November 8th general election; b.) then convince at least 38 of the 306 Trump/Pence Electors to change their pledged votes over to Hillary Rodham Clinton. Let’s analyze these two parts of their abominable plan.

a.) Eliminate the Winner – It would appear that the emphasis on assassinating the winner arises from the quite obvious fact that convincing at least 38 Electors to betray their pledge and vote for Clinton instead of Trump would be virtually insurmountable. Not at all likely to happen. However, if they follow through with their federal law-violating promises to assassinate the winner, their chances of seeing Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office as the 45th President would increase exponentially. How would they do it? ‘They’ wouldn’t do it. But, they would arrange and insure that one of the following would be blamed for the felonious deed: 1.) Iran, which fears a Trump administration, 2.) a ‘lone wolf’ undocumented alien worried about deportation, 3.) an ‘abortion zealot’ anxious to prevent the ban of federal funding of Planned Parenthood, 4.) a purported ‘right wing zealot’ or ‘white nationalist’ fearful that Trump won’t secure America’s borders, 5.) any other ‘patsy’ chosen to make the kill and who will himself/herself be taken down soon after. The method? History confirms there are no limits to mankind’s methods of murder: gunshots, poison, a Stinger missile of the Trump 757, bombs, a motor vehicle collision, killer chemicals transferred in a handshake or on the tip of an umbrella.

For the schemers the identity of who does the murderous deed is not as important as the fact that the deed is done prior to December 19th. On that date the Electors will sign their ballots and vote over 270 votes for Trump. Those votes will then be counted and the winner announced in the US Congress on January 6th. Therefore, the evil deed can’t wait beyond December 19th, and in reality must be done several days prior to December 19th to allow Americans to adjust to the argument that ‘as tragic as is the death of the winner’, the Electoral College must cast their votes for the candidate who placed a close second – Hillary Rodham Clinton. Most of the Trump/Pence Electors will undoubtedly vote for Governor Pence for President, but if backers of Clinton can convince just 38 Electors to ‘stop the street violence’, reward Hillary for a hard-fought campaign, insure stability in the White House, etc. the plan could succeed.

b.) Seize the Electoral College - How can the evil schemers manage to convince 38 Electors to agree with them? It doesn’t take much imagination to envision several scenarios, especially since there are only minor penalties in a few States, and none at all in most States. Threats, blackmail, bribes and promises of jobs are just three potential ways to change an Elector’s mind. One previous Elector told the media that he had actually received death threats to attempt to force him to change his vote in the Electoral College. The stakes for such a conversion of the votes by only 38 people are so enormous, that each could literally make any demand in return for their vote. Better, much better, than the lottery.

How Would Americans React to a Coup d’ etat?

Not well. Pre-election polls showed 67% of poll respondents who thought that Hillary Clinton was dishonest and not trustworthy. If the above outlined plan actually takes place there will undoubtedly be a strong, most likely violent, counter-reaction by Trump supporters. The Bible prophesies a scenario in the Daughter of Babylon prior to its destruction which might be fulfilled in such a coup d’etat:

“They shall roar together like lions; they shall growl like lions’ cubs.” Jeremiah 50:38

“Violence is in the land, and ruler against ruler.” Jeremiah 51:46

Besides the raw desire for power, there are other strong reasons why certain persons, powers and entities may be most desirous of preventing the ascension of a President Trump. There are literally billions of dollars on the line, should President Trump keep his word and thoroughly shake up the US government, businesses, foreign nations, trade associations, etc. Billions of dollars at stake. Any one of these power bases may well conclude that they would be better off quietly advocating for a quick end of the new President before the Electors vote him into office on December 19th. The combination of ambitious politicians who did not expect to lose, along with powerful forces who don’t want to lose what they have under a Trump presidency, makes for a potent and lethal combination. “The heart of man is deceitful and wicked”. Jeremiah 17:9

Why Would God Allow a Coup?

After Donald Trump shocked the world by winning early in the morning of November 9th many Christians were perplexed. They recognized that he was a significantly better choice than Secretary Clinton, but they also wondered why America deserved to be healed as a nation since we have not repented of our wicked ways and turned back to God? Some compared him to Cyrus, a pagan king who recognized God and was used to bless Israel. Others just hoped that he would keep his word on Supreme Court Justices. In the immediate days after the election there was reason to expect a healing was coming to America as not only the Supreme Court was discussed, but also other proposals which would greatly benefit religious liberty, the repeal of the Johnson Amendment preventing pastors from discussing political issues, job growth, balancing the budget, etc. Still, in correspondence between Christian leaders the question lingers as to whether a sinful nation which had thrown God out of its schools, government, and many of its homes and churches deserved to be healed. Simply put, have Americans returned to the Creator God of the Universe, in humble repentance and prayer? Does America deserve national healing?

If the evil schemers are allowed to have their way we may soon have an answer to this spiritual question. Jeremiah (51:8 and 9) may have given us the answer as he wrote about God’s healing desire for the Daughter of Babylon

“Suddenly Babylon has fallen and been broken; wail for her! Take balm for her pain; perhaps she may be healed.

We would have healed Babylon, but she was not healed. Forsake her, and let us go each to his own country, for her judgment has reached up to heaven and has been lifted up even to the skies.”

Is the election of a candidate for President who campaigned on issues that Christians care about proof that God is in the process of healing our nation? “Perhaps she may be healed, we would have healed Babylon”.

On the other hand, would the sudden reversal of those election results be proof that the time for America’s national judgment has come? “But she was not healed”.

Prayer for America

As prophesied, these are “perilous times”. Pray that none of these evil plans succeed. Pray that the Lord’s people will repent and turn back to Him.

God bless,

John Price

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