FLEE!!! Seven Compelling Reasons to Move From America


The Beginning of the Second Term








If you’re looking for reasons to be hopeful that America will turn around and things will get better, this is not the right article to read. If you’re looking for happy-clappy talk about a better election result in 2014 or 2016, stop now. This is a brief analysis of America as it is. As it actually is. Not what it used to be. It provides seven reasons why you should give very serious consideration to moving from the homeland. Not out of fear, but from a reasoned analysis of the facts and by looking at what the Holy Scriptures tell us will happen in the days ahead.

1.      God Says to Do It

Any article on this subject must prioritize the most important reason for fleeing one’s nation. In the Bible God states seven times to Christians and three times to Jewish residents that they should “flee” from a rich, influential and powerful end times nation as it faces destruction. Five prophets wrote 223 verses in the Old and New Testament describing the Daughter of Babylon a/k/a Babylon the Great. The Bible provides us with thirty clues as to the identity of “Mystery Babylon”. Any honest reading of those clues reveals that they can in all fairness only apply to the United States. Increasing numbers of students of the Bible are concluding that America is described and pictured in these verses. When God says something as crystal clear as the following verses and repeats it ten times (using the word ‘flee’ four times and ‘run’ three times), we need to pay attention:

“Flee from Babylon! Run for your lives! Do not be destroyed because of her sins. It is time for the Lord’s vengeance; he will pay her what she deserves.” (Jeremiah 51:6-NIV)

“Then I heard another voice from heaven say: ‘Come out of her, my people, so that you will not share in her sins, so you will not receive any of her plagues.” (Revelation 18:4-NIV)

The decision to move from one’s country is too important to be made based only on a six page article. If you are interested in pursuing this issue further consider reading THE END OF AMERICA, available on Amazon in softback and Kindle for 99 cents. The 337 page book delves into what God prophesied regarding this end time nation and how those prophecies apply to America. The prophecies tell us that the Daughter of Babylon/Babylon the Great will face a period of violence and unrest along with other disturbing events. The verses go further to prophesy that this great and powerful nation will betray Israel, when it cries out for help, and that it will therefore be destroyed because of its treachery. Study the thirty clues that God has given us. He didn’t have to give us these several clues to solve the mystery of the identity of this great end times nation, but He did. Why? Because He loves us and He wants us to be warned. He knows what’s coming. He’s told us. Do you know what’s coming? Just as ignorance of the law is no excuse, ignoring God’s written prophetic warnings is likewise no excuse. Flee!!

2. The Culture War is Over, We Fought Hard and We Lost

The election of 2012 was unlike any other in American history. Three states vote for same sex marriage (the first time any state voted to do so), the voters also legalized illegal drug use and refused to stop the use of taxpayer funds to pay for abortions in Florida. Predominately, of course, Americans voted to re-hire the strongest pro-abortion President in history, who endorsed same sex marriage, but with one of the weakest job performances ever on the economy. So, some may say, we’ll do better next time. Next time? Check out this quote from the President’s chief advisor inside the White House.

“After we win this election, it’s our turn.  Payback time.  Everyone not with us is against us and they better be ready because we don’t forget. The ones who helped us will be rewarded, the ones who opposed us will get what they deserve. There is going to be hell to pay.  Congress won’t be a problem for us this time. No election to worry about after this is over and we have two judges ready to go.”

What is the relevancy of Valerie Jarrett’s words? In the first term the President and his staff virtually ignored the Congress, whom they see as a nuisance. Congress has shown that it is more than willing to be ignored by the White House, with no notable new legislation adopted and three years without even a budget adopted. Now that the President won’t have to ever face the voters again, the President is making it clear that he will regularly end-run Congress. Government by executive order from the President is not exactly what the founders had in mind when they launched this ‘noble experiment’. He has telegraphed that he will not be bothered by any branch of government which is not in agreement with his plans to “fundamentally transform” America.

What did the President’s chief advisor mean when she said that the Administration has “two judges to go?” We learned in the Supreme Court’s vote on Obamacare (which federalizes one sixth of the US economy) that the Chief Justice (who voted to conclude that Obamacare was Constitutional) can’t be counted on to oppose even the most extreme proposals that come out of the White House. If the Court is 5-4 now against a sane America, what will it be when “two judges” join the Court, sitting alongside Justices Sotomayor and Kagan, the President’s two appointees. One conservative website recently said, Our only hope…is that the Supreme Court will quickly move to reject the President’s decrees (regarding gun control).” That kind of rose glasses thinking is unrealistic. If the Court was willing to swallow Obamacare, it will agree to almost any abomination, Constitutional or not.

Let’s be candid. When the Republicans controlled the White House, the US Senate and the US House, what did these men and women do to stop abortion in America? What did they do on any social issue? If America’s cultural decline wasn’t arrested, or even slowed, under the control of the pro-family political party, what will happen to it under a White House and a Senate completely committed to abortion, same sex marriage, drug legalization, etc.? This President will do exactly what he said he would do, that is, fundamentally transform America. Most Americans would shout with joy about that promise, if he meant that he would lead America back to moral and spiritual greatness. But, alas, we all know what he meant and what he will do. The second term will just be an acceleration of what came to pass in his first term. (Check out the novel SECOND TERM – 99 cents on Kindle – for a fictionalized look at what could happen in that term.)

In the President’s Inaugural Address on January 21, 2013 he made it clear where he is heading in his second term. He said that “our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law.” Really? In what way are gays not treated equally under the law? Except in his view, the right to marry, which the Supreme Court is poised to impose by fiat. He compared the 1969 homosexual riots at the Stonewall Inn in NY to the 1848 Seneca Falls women’s’ rights convention and the 1965 civil rights marches at Selma, Alabama. Most chilling was his threat that “we cannot treat name-calling as reasoned debate.” Seriously? This from a former Constitutional law professor? So, some words will not be allowed in public debate, as hate speech, if they are considered as “name-calling”? Jesus said that the last days would be like the days of Lot. These Presidential words confirm how far along we have fallen from Biblical standards.

If you have been or still are a soldier fighting in the trenches of the moral and cultural war, I don’t mean to discourage you. But, reality dictates that any soldier be cognizant of the status of the battle. These battles and this war will not now be won. Name an empire that came back to greatness once it collapsed. Only Israel, God’s chosen people, of all of the nations of the world has come back, no thanks to the world, which hates Israel. So, one may ask, if the war is over, what should I do now? Pray for wisdom and sincerely ask the Lord if He is ready to use you in a different way in a different part of the world. If you’re a Christian, read Jeremiah 50:8 and 16; 51:6, 9, 45 and 50; Revelation 18:4. If you’re Jewish, read Jeremiah 50:5; Zechariah 2:7 and Isaiah 48:20. In the Bible God records the many times that he moved His people to other areas of the world, to advance His plan and the spreading of the Gospel. Flee!!

3. Trouble is Coming to Your Church

If you have read much of the Bible you know that one of God’s principles stated in His Word is that judgment begins in the house of God, i.e., the church. (I Peter 4:17) Prophecies that tell us that shame will cover the faces of God’s people because “strangers” will come into God’s sanctuaries (Jeremiah 51:51), before its ultimate destruction. In other nations, pastors have been charged with hate crimes because they preached sermons based on the Biblical view of traditional marriage. A pastor in Sweden was convicted, though an appeals court said a European higher court might overturn his conviction, but the Court let stand on the record his conviction of a hate crime. Just for preaching the Bible. Don’t be at all surprised if your pastor is arrested if he preaches the Word of God, when supporters of same sex marriage don’t like his words and seek his arrest. The pastor who was to give a prayer at the Inauguration was removed from the agenda when it was revealed that he had given a Bible-based sermon on this issue, twenty years ago. The pastor who replaced him asked for God’s blessing so “we can see that we are created in your image….whether gay or straight”. This most important and official national ceremony thus had the trappings of a gay rights rally.

Will discussing what the Bible says lead to increasing persecution not only of pastors, but of their church members who support their non PC message? Remember the President said, “name calling” cannot be treated as “reasoned debate”. Why does God warn us that “strangers” will be entering our sanctuaries? God allowed His Jewish people to be arrested, incarcerated and many killed in Europe in the last century. Do we, as Christians, have a higher standing with God than the Jewish people? How could we make such a claim? When Christians are killed every day in various parts of the world, how can we truly believe that it can’t happen here in America? Revelation 17:6 tells us that in the end times the nation that is Mystery Babylon will witness the shedding of the blood of the saints. Flee!!

4. Trouble is Coming to Your Community

Jeremiah says that there will be “violence in the land” of Mystery Babylon (Jeremiah 51:46). The Prophet also says that the “land shall tremble and sorrow” and the residents of the nation will “roar like lions and growl like lions cubs” (Jeremiah 51:29 and 38).

These prophecies should be seen in the current environment in America. Millions are unemployed, the dollar is sinking in value and discontent with government is at an all-time high. In spite of official government statistics, some economists have concluded that the actual unemployment rate is 23 percent. If the prophesied violence in the land becomes widespread, it could affect every community across the land. Some people in authority at the Department of Homeland Security must think there is a potential for violence in the land. The Department has ordered over 1.4 billion rounds of hollow point bullets. How could there be any justifiable need for so many rounds of ammunition? We live in perilous times. Flee!!

5. Don’t Participate in America’s Sins

God warns us in His Word:

“Flee from Babylon! Run for your lives! Do not be destroyed because of her sins.” (Jeremiah 51:6)

“Then I heard another voice from heaven say: ‘Come out of her my people, so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues.” (Revelation 18:14)

You probably don’t participate in performing abortions. You probably haven’t married a person of the same gender. You likely don’t use illegal drugs or view pornography. But, do you pay state and federal taxes that pay, directly or indirectly, for these abominations? Are you really comfortable with lying down to sleep each night, knowing that your money is used to help kill infants in the wombs? When you come before the throne someday, how will you answer the question, “Why did you stay in a nation that killed 56 million of my created human beings, in the womb? Why did you pay taxes to a government that used your money not only to pay Planned Parenthood to abort, but also to coerce other nations to change their laws to allow abortion?

Would you stay in a church that advocated abortion, married people of the same sex in the church and made illegal drugs and pornography available in the church? Of course not. So, why are you staying in a nation that is the leader of the world in promoting and distributing all of these sins? Before moving on to the next point, think again about the spiritual implications of “sharing in the sins” of the land in which you live. Flee!!

6. When America Curses Israel It Will Be Cursed

Genesis 12:3 promises that those who bless Israel will be blessed and, likewise, that those who curse Israel will be cursed. History confirms that God has always kept this promise. It is quite well known that America’s President has open disdain for Israel and its leadership. He has made it abundantly clear that this nation will continue to push Israel to give up part of its land (contrary to God’s prohibition against doing so) and force Israel into a “peace treaty” with its sworn enemies (contrary to God’s admonition to Israel not to do so).

Detailed in THE END OF AMERICA are the many prophetic verses which foretell that a rich, powerful and influential end times nation with an agreement to defend Israel, will instead betray Israel, and will be destroyed because of it. God’s 30 clues to the identity of this nation fit America like a glove. Do you really want to be located physically in any nation that betrays God’s chosen people? Flee!!

7. The Lord Can Use You to Reach People Who Will Respond to the Gospel

Has America been inoculated against the Gospel? Do you detect any real movement of God the Holy Spirit? Anxious to see God at work? Move to a foreign country that’s not inoculated against the Gospel and see Him at work. Americans who have moved to our area of Central America are witnessing God at work. Peoples’ lives are being changed. Miraculous acts have occurred. A new church that was just formed in our town already has overflow crowds. Read in the Bible how often God moved folks out of their comfort zones to other parts of the world and blessed them as they acted in obedience. You don’t have to be sent by a missionary board in order to become involved in ministries to help reach the world, one person at a time. Want to be excited again in your faith? Flex your faith muscles in a new land. You’ll never have a boring day.

God bless,

John Price