This week is historic. After five years of no talks, Israel is now sitting down at a table to discuss giving up some of its (God-given) land in exchange for an illusory “peace”. Why is this important prophetically? In THE END OF AMERICA I noted that Israel will enter into a peace agreement, which will then be breached when Russia, Libya and other named Muslim nations invade Israel, when it is at “peace”. God tells us that Israel will be “a land that has recovered from war” (Ezekiel 38:8), that Israel will be inhabited by “a peaceful and unsuspecting people” (38:11) and that Israel’s people will be “living in safety” (38:14). That doesn’t describe Israel today, but it will when Israel falls for a false “peace” deal.

It is the betrayal of Israel by America when the Ezekiel invasion takes place that scripture says will lead directly to the destruction of the US. Thus, the timing of Israel entering into a “peace” treaty is critical as one makes plans for fleeing a nation that is punished to the utmost for cursing Israel (Genesis 12:3 - “I will curse those who curse Israel”). A reader said to me recently, “when I see Israel entering into a peace agreement, I’ll start packing.” Watch the news from Washington with an eye on your Samsonite luggage.

God warned Israel against leaning on other nations, instead of on Him, for their security (Exodus 23:32). The above verses, however, confirm that Israel will not only violate God’s warning against entering into “peace” treaties, but He also warns Israel against giving up any of the land that he gave to Israel, a fact that He brings up often. (Joshua 23:15; II Chron. 7:20; Judges 1:2; Jeremiah 25:5; Amos 9:15). How does God look upon the international effort currently growing to force Israel to give up His land? He says He will enter into judgment against the nations of the world because “they divided up my land.” (Joel 3:2).

Israel and certain Palestinian officials are meeting this week in Washington, DC. The US State Department is conducting the negotiations. News leaks in advance of these talks may prove to show that “the fix is in”:

White House Pushes Israel to Abandon the  Temple Mount – Believe it or not, the President is pushing Israel to forfeit the Temple Mount (WND, 7/21/13). What? The Temple Mount? What would Israel get? They would have to move 90 of the inhabitants of Jewish communities in the West Bank and would “retain the land below the Western Wall”, a small area next to the basement wall of the Temple Mount. Unbelievable.

Israel Caves in and Releases 104 Terrorist Prisoners – The Israeli Cabinet voted last Sunday to release 104 convicted Palestinian terrorists (Jerusalem Post). Why? Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas demanded “a big concession” before the “peace” talks. This appears to be the response. Unbelievable.

Israel States it Will Give Up 86% of the West Bank – Last Friday Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister let it be known that Israel is willing to give up 86% of the West Bank as part of “two state solution” (UK Telegraph). Prime Minister Netanyahu agreed that Israel would make “serious territorial concessions”. Unbelievable.

What will happen? The “peace” talks will be contentious and heated, but the world be shocked when the parties, under White House pressure, will eventually announce that they have agreed to enter into a written peace agreement. In the past the parties almost arrived at a peace agreement more than once, but in almost every instance what killed the deal was that the Palestinians refused at the last to the terms. That appears not now to be the case, as Palestinian officials are hinting that they will now agree to a deal with Israel. Also, it now looks like Israel will agree to almost any terms as long as the people across the table agree to “Israel’s right to exist”. PM Netanyahu announced in late 2010 that there would be a peace treaty. These talks sure look like the build-up to such an outcome. Peace in our times.

For Christians and Jewish readers who are paying attention, it will soon be obvious that the stage is being set for: a.) Israel to think it’s at peace, b.) Israel will eventually be invaded by its enemies, in spite of the “peace” treaty, c.) America will betray Israel by not coming to its military defense when it’s invaded, and d.) America will be cursed (and thus destroyed) because it curses Israel when Israel is invaded. Chapter 13 of THE END OF AMERICA spells out God’s ten warnings to flee the Daughter of Babylon/America. We ignore God’s warnings at our own peril.

None of this is any surprise to the Lord. He foresaw it all and warned us about it. Watch the news from the “peace talks” to see God in action. God bless.