America’s Guilt in God’s Court and Our Sentence

In a lengthy interview on a radio show last night the host Pastor shared with me his firm conviction, which he received as he was delivering a recent sermon, that America has been found guilty in the Court of Heaven. He shared with listeners that two other Watchmen who attended the April Vero Beach conference recently told him that they had come to the same conclusion that a guilty verdict has been rendered by the Judge of the universe.

Our discussion last night of this conclusion then led us to look at how the courts on earth handle the question of guilt, followed by the sentencing of the criminal defendant. Once the criminal defendant is found guilty by the jury, affirmed by the judge who refuses to set aside the verdict, the defendant generally remains free on his bail bond. During the time after the guilty verdict is handed down by the court the defendant is interviewed by prison and probation employees. The interviews not only cover medication, personal needs, etc., but also seek to determine if the defendant exhibits true repentance for the crimes committed or merely shows remorse for getting caught.

Then, later, sometimes several weeks later, the judge conducts a sentencing hearing and takes into account the various reports, and also listens to what the defendant has to say. Within sentencing guidelines the judge has discretion as to how long the defendant will be incarcerated. If the case is a capital crime, the judge may decide whether the defendant will be executed. How the defendant repents, or if the defendant repents at all, will bear heavily on the final sentence imposed. Any convicted defendant who tries to argue that he is innocent, in spite of the guilty verdict, can be assured of a heavy sentence.

Thus, if the three Watchmen are correct that God has rendered a verdict finding America guilty (a verdict which would be fully consistent with the evidence), then we are now in the period prior to the sentencing hearing. How, and if, America repents, even at this late date, following earthly concepts of sentencing, will determine the length and severity of our nation’s sentence.

The period of time between the verdict and the sentencing hearing is generally a few weeks. We should pray that, even at this late date, American Christians will humble ourselves and pray, and seek His face, and turn from our wicked ways, trusting God to hear from heaven and heal our land (II Chronicles 7:14), i.e., with a lighter, lesser sentence, and hopefully not execution. Do we deserve a harsh, even fatal, sentence? Seventy million dead American babies would say yes, had they not been slaughtered before they could speak. But, we can still plead for mercy from the source of all justice. The Israelites cried out on one occasion when the Philistines were coming over the sand dunes, repenting of their sins and asking God to spare them, which He did.

Soon, the sentencing hearing will occur. At the sentencing hearing, once the reports are before the judge and the testimony is in, the judge hands down the sentence. Instantly, the previously free defendant is no longer free as he is handed over to the U.S. Marshal (in federal court) or to the Sheriff (in State court), who then handcuffs the defendant and takes the defendant immediately to prison, to serve his or her sentence or to face execution. The defendant is no longer free. There is then no more time to repent once the sentencing hearing is over. How much more time do we have before that divine sentencing hearing? Only the Creator and Judge of the universe knows. May God have mercy on our nation.