Fasten Your Seat Belt!

Any Christian student of the Bible who is alive today, but who is not perceiving Biblically prophesied events unfolding before their eyes, should check their pulse. The world is not only changing, it is changing towards what God told us in His Word would happen as the end of days approached. This is not yet ‘the day of the Lord’, but it is clearly the beginning of ‘the end times’. How do we know that?

First and clearly foremost, Israel has been restored as a nation. That, of course, has been true since 1948. Miraculous though its restoration has been, just as stunning is the fact that the world is increasingly antagonistic towards this little country, populated with only a relative handful of Jewish residents. Bishops assemble in Rome and attack Israel for purportedly causing the problems of the Middle East; European nations regularly assail Israel for its supposed intransigence in not giving up its land as quickly as they would demand; and the President of the United States, returning to Indonesia (where he was enrolled as “a Muslim student” – CBS News – 11/9/10) attacked Israel for zoning decisions made in its capital city. Amazing. What other nation in the world, do European leaders, or the American President, regularly attack in such a vicious manner? It seems that one can be mildly critical of other nations’ policies, that’s diplomacy, after all, but when it comes to Israel, any comment, any derogatory comment is fair game.

So, where is this all heading? Our President is headed back to the US soon. He has made it clear that ‘bringing peace to the Middle East’ is the next major goal of his administration. If anyone wonders how the President will approach the peace issue, they should ponder the President’s comments while in South East Asia, that there are “enormous obstacles” in the Middle East peace process. Since he had just hours before described Israel’s zoning decisions as “not helpful”, it was not too difficult to connect the dots, as the world’s media quickly did, and trumpet that the President was assailing Israel, again. The fact that he attacked Israel while visiting the nation in which he was a student in a Muslim school was not coincidental. Indonesia is the world’s most populous Muslim nation.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu responded to the President’s calculated attacks with one of his own: “Jerusalem is not a settlement; Jerusalem is the capital of the State of Israel”. The New York Times described Netanyahu’s reaction as markedly different from his contrite apology after Israel announced more housing units in Jerusalem before an earlier meeting with VP Joe Biden. The paper opined that the new tone by Netanyahu was a result of last week’s mid term election defeat for the Administration. That, of course, is a distinct possibility, but what is without dispute is that the US Administration is about to pressure Israel in a quite significant way. With the election cycle now heading towards November 2012’s Presidential election, the push will be by the Administration to arrange/force/induce a Middle East Peace Treaty . The obvious electoral goal will be to face the voters in less than 24 months and proclaim: “Though many others have tried, and failed, to create PEACE in the Middle East, this Administration was able to do so”.

When it happens, when you turn on Fox News and witness a US arranged “PEACE TREATY” between Israel and its enemies, get ready, fasten your seat belts, because that world shaking event will start the clock. Ezekiel (50 and 51) prophesies that Gog (Russia) Persia (Iran) and other now Muslim nations will invade Israel, but not until it is at peace and dwelling safely. For those who have studied scripture’s description of a rich, powerful and influential end times nation, a/k/a the Daughter of Babylon, and who understand that it will be destroyed when it betrays Israel when it is invaded, they should “start packing” to flee the Daughter of Babylon, once the ink is drying on the “peace treaty” forced by the USA.