The Fix Is In

Sometimes really important people reveal things that normal folks would tend to keep in confidence. This principle of life popped up again in Saturday’s WALL STREET JOURNAL. Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair told the WSJ that he is “absolutely sure (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu) would sign a deal” making peace with the Palestinians.

What is Tony Blair doing today that would make his “absolutely sure” statement of any importance? On the same day that Blair
announced that he was stepping down as PM of Great Britain, he also announced that he had been chosen as the Special Envoy for “the Quartet”. What’s the Quartet? A new music group? Well, sort of, it’s just the tune they are playing is more a funeral dirge than a dance tune. The Quartet is made up of the United Nations, the United States, the European Union and Russia. That’s quite a power group, to say the least.

What is the purpose of the Quartet, also known as the Quartet on the Middle East, the Diplomatic Quartet or the Madrid Quartet? It was formed in 2002 in order to ‘bring peace to the Middle East’. Blair has made several high level trips to the Middle East to attempt to persuade leaders of Israel and the Muslim states that surround it into reaching a peace agreement.

So, would Tony Blair be in a good position to know whether or not Israel will agree to a peace treaty with its Arab enemies? No one could know better, except for Netanyau himself. In January, 2010, PM Netanyahu announced that he would agree to a peace treaty by the end of 2011. Shortly thereafter, he said he could agree to a “Two State Solution”, even though he ran for office opposed to such a plan.

If you are an American Christian or Jew, what does all of this have to do with you? Readers of “The End of America” know that the Bible tells us that when Israel is gathered back in the land (whch happened officially in May, 1948) it will eventually enter into a peace agreement, and when at peace, it will be invaded by Iran (Persia) and Russia (Gog). Though God tells Israel repeatedly not to make peace agreements with other nations, and also not to give up the land, Israel is posed to do both. The world is pressuring Israel to do so, and, as confirmed by Quartet (UN, US, EU and Russia) Special Envoy Tony Blair, Israel is going to bend under the pressure, and will sign a peace agreement.

But, what about this week’s dust up over the lifting of the building moratorium in the West Bank? Don’t expect that the Obama initiated peace talks will be derailed. They may be slowed, but they won’t be stopped. Why? The fix is in. There will be a peace treaty, after 60 years of attempts. The incumbent in the White House wants to run for re-election, starting right after this November’s mid-term elections, as the only American President in six decades who could ‘bring peace to the Middle East’.

Shouldn’t Christians and Jews want peace in our times in Israel? No. Because the peace won’t be a real peace, but only a means of lulling Israel into a false sense of security (Ezekiel 38). Then, BOOM, Iran and Russia, joined by other Muslim nations, will land-invade Israel in an attempt to throw Israel’s residents into the sea.Israel will cry out to its only true friend, the USA. But, alas, prophecy reveals that the Daughter of Babylon/America will betray Israel, refuse to come to her assistance (contrary to our March 26, 1979 military defense agreement) and will be destroyed because of our treachery (Genesis 12:3). For those who are carefully watching the signs of the times, as Jesus warned us to do, the events swirling in the Middle East bode ill for Israel, and for America. Istead of pushing Israel to give up land and security to its enemies, the US should instead be helping Israel arm against what is surely coming its way. Pray for Israel.


Within the next 48 hours the President of the United States will attempt to do what none of his predecessors have managed to do – arrange a peace agreement between the sovereign nation of Israel and its Palestinian enemies. Will it work? Will Israel bow to global pressure to give up its God-given land? Simply stated, the pressure is on – really on. Secretary of State Clinton has stated that the conflict in the Middle East “frustrates” U.S. goals around the world. Did you get that? Israel’s refusal to ‘give up and give in’ is causing problems for America in its relations with other nations. That would be like your neighborhood association claiming that if you would just deed over your back yard to the neighbor who hates you and has been harassing you with garbage thrown over your fence, there would be ‘peace in the hood’. Don’t you want world peace?

The President recently told Saudi King Abdullah II that “I agree that we cannot talk forever; that at some point steps have to be taken so that people can see progress on the ground…and that will be something that we expect to take place in the coming months.” What “steps” will the U.S. take to cause PM Netanyahu to bend and give up the land? It is not to be forgotten that in PM Netanyahu’s first term in office he gave up Hebron to the Palestinians. Was Hebron of any importance? Well, Abraham, Sarah, Joseph and most of the patriarchs are actually buried in Hebron, now in the hands of Israel’s sworn enemies. The nature of what we are about to witness was revealed earlier this year when PM Netanyahu announced, contrary to his earlier campaign promises, that he could live with a ‘two state solution’, i.e., giving up ‘land for (purported) peace’.

Many in the media are reporting that a peace treaty within the next year is not a likely outcome. Don’t count on it. The Administration is clearly planning on pushing through history’s first ever Israeli/Palestinian Peace Agreement prior to the Presidential election of November, 2012. Imagine running for re-election as ‘the man who made peace after centuries of bloody conflict’, etc., etc. Great campaign material. Plus, as the New York Times recently (August 26, 2010) noted, “There isn’t a lot to negotiate…If an independent Palestinian state is to be established, the zone of agreement is clear and the necessary trade-offs are already known.” The Times optimistically opined that “In short, the negotiating environment is better suited to peacemaking today than it has been at any point in the last decade.” Plan on world wide headlines announcing an historic Middle East peace treaty before the August, 2011 deadline.

Prophecy confirms that when Gog/Russia and Persia/Iran invade Israel (Ezekiel 38 and 39) that Israel will be “at rest (and) that dwell safely” and “in that day when my people of Israel dwelleth safely”. Today Israel is not dwelling safely. But, prophecy confirms that Israel will, once again, fall for the illusive peace treaty that God warned Israel against, and will pay for when the massive invasion is launched. At that time, Israel will cry out to the nation that pushed it into the Israel/Egypt peace agreement with a written promise to come Israel’s military assistance, if Israel were ever to be invaded. As the Daughter of Babylon, the United States will desist, turn its head, thus betraying Israel. It will itself be destroyed because of what it will do to curse Israel (Genesis 12:3). For more prophetic future facts, see Chapters 5, 6 and 7 of THE END OF AMERICA, available on Amazon.

Thus, no one should be surprised in the next twelve months or so to witness America forcing Israel to agree to a peace treaty that will eventually be broken with a bloody invasion, while the prime advocate of that treaty stands back, failing to come to Israel’s support. Once the peace treaty is signed, a ten year time clock will start. Islam teaches that it’s permissible to enter into a peace agreement with the Kafir (heathen), but the agreement must not be honored for more than ten years. So, from the date of the drying of the ink on the treaty, the invasion will happen within some time period of not more than ten years. Keep that timing in mind as decisions are made as to when to flee America. (Chapter 16 – When Do We Leave?). God bless.