The 2014 midterm elections are over. Control of both Houses of the United States Congress will soon pass to the party opposite to that of the President. Is any of this relevant to prophecies centered on that rich, powerful and influential end times nation, labeled as the Daughter of Babylon? The Bible says that prior to its betrayal of Israel (which leads to its destruction) the Daughter of Babylon will see “violence….in the land” (Jeremiah 51:46), “ruler against ruler”, “fire in (its) cities” (50:32) and that “her people all roar like young lions, they growl like lion cubs” (51:38). Jeremiah also prophesies that “strangers” will “come into the sanctuaries of the LORD’s house,” leading God’s people to be “confounded” and held to “reproach” and to “shame.” (51:51)

What could possibly lead to such a state of societal disintegration in a civilized nation? In these troubled times, it’s relatively easy to come up with several candidates for a widespread violence trigger event. This post looks at three distinct and near-term possibilities:

1.) Willful Destruction of US Constitutional Provisions – The President of the United States has repeatedly confirmed that he plans to issue executive orders granting amnesty, permanent residency, work permits and social security numbers to several million illegal immigrants, estimated initially at 4.5 million (AP). Let’s be clear that the immigrants came to America because America needed the workers because we have killed 56 million of our future workers by abortion on demand. However, the way to address the immigration issue is to follow the US Constitution, which requires the nation’s chief executive to “faithfully enforce the laws” (Article II, Section 3). Congress has thus far refused to grant amnesty, though these executive orders would do so.

Members of Congress and Members-Elect have warned the President not to unilaterally grant “executive amnesty”. The Speaker of the House warned the President that he would be in “big trouble” if he issues executive orders which would have the effect of law, saying “if you play with matches you can burn your fingers”. Senator McConnell, soon to be Majority Leader of the Senate said such action would be like waving a “red flag in front of a bull”. Other Members of Congress in media interviews say they are “furious”, the action would be “toxic” and that such acts would be an “explosion”.

Labor union leaders have complained in advance that executive amnesty would hurt their members who are looking for jobs. Voters who cast votes this month hoping to see changes in Washington, DC may be less than enchanted to see a President act in such an arbitrary fashion. The White House has confirmed that the President may sign as many as ten executive orders granting amnesty prior to the end of the year. Judge Anthony Napolitano, a Constitutional law scholar told Fox news this week that the President’s actions could lead to a “civil war”. Could executive amnesty be a trigger event for violence? No one knows at this time, but Congressional leaders have specifically warned the President that if he takes his proposed action it will “poison the well” of relations with the United States Congress. Was Jeremiah describing the violent results of what many in DC are saying would be ‘dictatorial’ in nature? Time will tell, but executive amnesty isn’t the only possible trigger for violence.

2.) Ferguson, Missouri

The news reports from Ferguson, Missouri are unsettling. The grand jury is rumored to be ready to report on its investigation and findings, which are widely assumed to be a finding of no indictment of the police officer who shot 18 year old Michael Brown. Other news reports describe the large numbers of protective vests, ammunition and weapons which have been brought into Ferguson in advance of the release of the grand jury report. The Governor has warned residents against illegal action in response to the grand jury results. The internet is full of rumors that outside groups were active in stirring up the riots that ensued after the shooting. Could a grand jury finding that the officer committed no indictable crime be the trigger that causes violence in cities across the country? Was this what Jeremiah saw millennia ago?

3.) Blood in the Church

Isaiah foretold that God would say “I was angry with my people and I gave them into your hand.”(Isaiah 47:6). The “your hand” is a reference to that of the government of the Daughter of Babylon. In the opening paragraph above we looked at Jeremiah’s warning that there will be “strangers in the sanctuaries of the Lord’s house”. In Revelation 17:6 John tells us it was revealed to him that Babylon, in the end times, will be “drunk with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus.” In Revelation 18:24 John reveals that in Babylon “was found the blood … of saints.” Being turned over to the government of the Daughter of Babylon by a God who is “angry” with His “people” is not a terribly appealing prospect. But, there it is, black letters on white paper.

The current administration is not friendly to religious organizations as is shown by several executive actions. Requiring religious groups to provide birth control is just one of the actions to which religious leaders have taken exception. Some Christian commentators have speculated that once the US Supreme Court rules that same sex marriage is the law of the land, pastors of churches which refuse to marry same sex couples may find themselves in federal court or in jail. Private businesses which make wedding cakes, cater wedding receptions or photograph weddings have been fined significant fines for refusing to serve same sex couples. Can churches be far behind? What will happen when your pastor is arrested for standing up for Biblical marriage? Could anti-Christian actions like these be the trigger for the violence and blood in the church seen by the Prophets?


Watch and Be Ready. Jesus specifically told us as His people to “watch” (Matthew 26:41). In the critical weeks remaining in 2014 and what promises to be a truly difficult 2015 we should do as we are admonished and watch our world to see God at work in fulfilling His prophecies. The stage is set. God bless.