The United States is now just about half a year away from the most important national election in our lifetime. That’s because how America will treat Israel in future years will be determined in large part by the outcome of the Presidential election. How America treats Israel will determine how God treats America. Simple as that. Genesis 12:3 is God’s promise of blessings on those who treat Israel well and cursings on those who treat Israel badly.

For students of prophecy, and those who have read THE END OF AMERICA, they understand that the 223 verses written by five Old and New Testament Prophets describing the Daughter of Babylon/Babylon the Great, can only truly apply to America. What do those prophecies have to do with the Presidential elections of 2012?

The 223 verses prophesy that a rich, powerful and influential end times nation will betray Israel and be destroyed because of its treachery to God’s favored nation. See the thirty clues behind the ‘mystery of the identity’ of this nation listed in THE END OF AMERICA. Any fair reading of the clues quickly reveals that they can only apply to America. For example, is any other nation in the world “the great voice”, or “the hammer of the whole earth”? Does any other nation have a substantial Jewish population outside of Israel and America? Is any other nation the ‘center of world commerce’ or the site where the nations of the world “stream to meet”? Only the US matches God’s clues that he has provided to help us discern the identity of this great and powerful nation that doesn’t survive to see the last of the final days.

In the lifetime of most Americans the nation was never led by a US President who might turn against Israel, our major ally in the Middle East. Until now. A second term of the incumbent President would position him to fulfill the prophecies of a leader of the Daughter of Babylon/Babylon the Great who refuses to come to Israel’s defense when its invaded by Iran and Russia and other nations which are now Muslim (Ezekiel 38/39).

Realizing that many readers prefer to read novels in order to see what is happening in the world, even though in a fictional setting, I have recently finished writing SECOND TERM. The book is available on Amazon in softback and on Kindle. Here’s the text of the back cover to give you an idea of the contents of the book.


A Novel of America in the Last Days

“POTUS is down! OH, NO!…Repeat, the President….is down!”

“Appears to be an upper front shot…bleeding...he’s behind the podium …on the

platform.….Protocol SkyHook. STAT! ….Full perimeter. STAT, STAT.”

With these frantically shouted words Secret Service Agent Steve Quinn was only

confirming what hundreds of thousands of day viewers could see with their own eyes –

the President had been shot and was down.

Normally, viewership of a day-time Presidential speech outside of DC would not be

extensive, but this was no normal day. The elections were just eleven days away, and

this President was behind in virtually all of the polls, except for CBS, which gave him

a lead so thin that the poll’s margin of error dwarfed the purported lead. Clearly, the

question of the re-election of this President was in doubt. That is, his re-election was in

doubt before the bullet sliced through his right shoulder.

SECOND TERM is an exciting, yet frightening, look at what could happen after

the re-election of an American President committed to fundamentally change America.

Once re-elected, never to face the voters again, what would the President do to keep

his promise, in his next four years? Would he lead the fight to abolish Americans’

right to keep and bear arms? Would he lead the Congress in banning ‘hate speech’,

including criticism of public officials? What would his newly-created green-shirted CCC

Conservators do to deny Americans their Constitutional rights?

With no holds barred, SECOND TERM, in three volumes, peers into the future

of an end times nation viewed through the lens of Biblical prophecy. Will violence in

the streets and religious persecution fulfill what Prophets foresaw centuries ago? Will

America stand by or betray Israel? Is America’s future revealed in the Bible?

SECOND TERM is fiction. Or is it?

Christian House Publishing, Inc.



Political Fiction/Prophecy/Israel

US $15.95 / $16.10 Can

The Amazon and Kindle cost is only about $8.00, which I have set low in order to insure that as many folks as possible read it. The book is book one of a trilogy based on the 223 verses of prophecy described in great detail in THE END OF AMERICA. I would be interested in your reaction to the book if you get the chance to read it. God bless.