Last Friday the President hosted a Ramadan Dinner at the White House. The problem was not that the Muslim holiday was celebrated in the East Room of the Executive Mansion, but what was said by our nation’s leader to the Muslims present, and through the media, to the world. Our nation’s CEO waded into a zoning controversy in New York City. He included in his speech at the Ramadan Dinner carefully prepared words. Though no one forced him to do so, he took a formal position on whether a several story, multi-million dollar Mosque should be erected near the site of the destroyed World Trade Center, taken down by Jihadists on 9/11/01. He forcefully said that those behind the building of the Mosque had every right to do so. "Muslims have the right to practice their religion as everyone else in this country," President Obama said.  "And that includes the right to build a place of worship and a community center on private property in lower Manhattan."

Any fifth grader knows that in the US the various religions have the right to “practice their religion”. We all know that, under appropriate zoning guidelines, the nation’s religions may build their places of worship in any state, in any city, anywhere they choose. By purposely weighing in on what is essentially a local zoning issue, the President made it a national issue, and seriously hurt his public support in the process. Did he know that his words would ignite a political fire storm? Of course, as before his speech several polls showed that an astounding 70% of Americans oppose the building of the Mosque near the site of the murder of over 3,000 Americans on 9/11.

The question is why? Why oppose such clear majorities? Why take such a forceful pro-Muslim position? The President in Ohio today was asked by a reporter at a public event if he had any regrets about his pro-Mosque statements? Video clips showed that when he was asked, he was shaking hands with a voter, but when he heard the question, he straightened up, hesitated for a full five seconds, and then over his shoulder replied forcefully: “The answer is --- No regrets”. Humn. A chance to repair the damage, but the opportunity declined. Again. Why?

A review of the video of the statement made at the Ramadan Dinner shows a determined, jaw forward manner of delivery. It was if the President felt the need to lecture America’s 70% who opposed the Mosque, and by the moral suasion of his words, move them to change their minds and support the Mosque. When the nation expressed incredulity at his statements, after he’d had two days to think about it, he even more forcefully said “No regrets”. What does that mean for the future?

This incident should cause students of Bible prophecy to take note of what just happened. Readers of “THE END OF AMERICA” and students of end times prophecies know that there are 220 verses in the Old and New Testament, written by five Prophets, describing a great end times, rich, powerful and influential nation (described as Babylon the Great and the Daughter of Babylon), that will be destroyed because it betrays Israel, when Israel is invaded by a coalition of nations, including modern day Russia and Iran (see Ezekiel 37-39). Ask yourself if any American President since Israel was first recognized by Harry S Truman would have betrayed Israel in its time of imminent destruction. Though obviously there were various levels of support by Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush 41, Clinton and Bush 43, none would have stabbed Israel in the back if it had been invaded when they were President. Carter, his current denigration of Israel notwithstanding, was the President that signed the Memorandum of Agreement with Israel on March 26, 1979, pledging that the US will come to Israel’s defense “on an urgent basis” if Israel is the subject of “an armed attack”.

Thus, until the inauguration of the current President, the US has consistently had a President who would have sprung to Israel’s defense, if Israel had been attacked. The majority support of Americans for Israel undoubtedly had much to do with this consistent level of support by Presidents from both major political parties. But, in spite of majority support of Americans for Israel, will the current President come to Israel’s defense when they are attacked in the future? What is quite disturbing about the Friday night Ramadan Dinner prepared speech, and today’s “No regrets” response, is that it shows a disturbing propensity by the President to go against strong American public opinion, if in doing so, he supports Islam. Americans are getting it, as the Pew Poll showed today that increasing numbers of Americans are unsure as to the President’s personal religious affiliation. The fact that he was born, raised and educated in his first years as a Muslim may have something to do with that impression, but those facts have been known for some time. The Cairo and Turkey speeches, $900 million of US tax funds to Hamas, his dismissive treatment of Israel’s Prime Minister and his declaration that America “is not a Christian nation” add further support to those who believe that he could be the first United States President who may betray Israel. We need to pray that he will not be the President whose treachery against God’s chosen nation leads to the destruction of our nation.

American Media’s View of Israel

What do America’s media really think about Israel? Comedian Jon Stewart recently made this joke on his show:

“Let’s begin tonight with a bit of media news. You may remember that a seat in the White House press room became available a few months back when Helen Thomas retired after telling Jews to leave Palestine and go back home to Germany. Ironically, Thomas’ retirement led to a territorial dispute over who would get her tiny, purely symbolic piece of land.”

Tiny? Yes. Purely symbolic? That may be what America’s media think, but it’s certainly not what the Bible tells us God thinks. He even says in Jeremiah 31:7 that Israel is the “greatest of the nations”. So much for “American exceptionalism”!! In our eyes we Americans pridefully believe that our nation is #1. In God’s eyes, He has a different view. We harm Israel at our great peril (Genesis 12:3).

So what has the US been doing to Israel since mid-April when it sent Special Envoy George Mitchell to Israel to inform Benjamin Netanyahu that Israel will have to give up its nuclear weapons (besides part of its land) as the price for peace? The Gulf Oil Spill and the great Tennessee floods started the very next day.

What America has been doing is not good. America’s President met with Netanyahu in the Oval Office for a widely publicized photo op, but what’s happening behind the scenes, away from the cameras, is frightening. “Peace talks” between Israel and its Arab foes are now indirect. The Obama Administration is pressing for direct, face-to-face talks. The New York Times recently reported that the US has obtained a promise by Israel that it will continue its moratorium on new construction permits in its own land, in exchange for direct talks with Palestinians. Expect an announcement of direct “peace talks” before the end of September.

Lurking in the background is America’s broken promise to Israel that it would not sign the Nuclear Nonproliferation Resolution which criticized Israel for its nukes. The Times reported that “some in Israel viewed it (America’s broken promise) as a sign of the unreliability of the United States, Israel’s most important ally.” Will we be a reliable ally, or will we invite another “divine sign” of retribution for harming the apple of God’s eye – Israel? Our prayers need to be that this Nation will never betray Israel. If we do, it will be THE END OF AMERICA.