Are We Listening?

Readers of THE END OF AMERICA know that the God of the universe has been sending repetitive messages to America, accelerating since Bush ’41. (See Wm. Koenig’s book –“Eye to Eye” outlining the parallels between US treatment of Israel and “natural” catastrophes in America.) What has He been saying? ‘I Love Israel. I’m serious about how the nations of the world treat Israel. Those who bless Israel will be blessed and those who curse Israel will be cursed’. (Genesis 12:3).

The relevance? U. S. Special Envoy George Mitchell, named as the President’s “point man in the Middle East” met with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu in mid April, 2010. What did they discuss? We don’t know, as neither side of the discussion released any details. However, we can reach an informed conclusion. On Monday, May 3rd, Secretary of State Clinton announced in a speech at the United Nations that the United States was pushing a new policy in the Middle East. What are the details of that new policy? Clinton stated that the US favors a “Nuclear Free Middle East’”. As noted in our last News Flash, former US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton warned that such a policy, if successful, would result in the nuclear disarmament of Israel. What did Mitchell say to Netanyahu just a few days before Clinton’s public announcement? It is safe to assume that Ambassador Mitchell broke it to Israel that America wants Israel to give up its nukes as the price for “Peace in the Middle East”.

Besides US pressure on Israel in mid-April, did anything else happen in mid-April? Well, actually, yes. A BP oilrig in the Gulf of Mexico mysteriously blew up. Experts still can’t explain how it happened, as there are redundant systems built into the rigs to avoid such catastrophes. The result? 11 immediately died and financially the future impact on fragile ecosystems can’t be estimated at this point, but will probably be in the several Billions. Did anything else happen?

If you live near Nashville, you don’t need to ask, as the Tennessee Valley began to flood at about the same time. The results, so far, 30 dead and possibly a Two Billion dollar loss. Even the Nashville Grand Old Opry will be closed for several months. Tennesseans rightly objected to the fact that their plight has been largely ignored by the national media and by the national administration. These Biblical events look a lot like fulfillments of Genesis 12:3. Are we listening? Do we understand that when we hurt Israel, when we threaten Israel, when we attempt to weaken Israel, that we are only hurting America? Evidently not, though we can pray that the light will still dawn on our leaders. It’s not too late. Not yet.


I first read about it on my iPhone as I was standing in line to vote on Tuesday. I couldn’t believe it, at first, and then it made perfect sense, politically and prophetically. Secretary of State Clinton included in her speech at the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference that the US was pushing for a game-changing agreement in the Middle East. What she unveiled is no small change. Secretary Clinton let it be known that the United States is negotiating with Egypt to make “the Middle East a nuclear-free zone” (Wall Street Journal, May 1, 2010).

Former US Ambassador John Bolton nailed what this proposal would actually mean: “Egypt and the Obama administration are negotiating right now on an Egyptian proposal for a nuclear weapons free zone in the Middle East, which certainly sounds good. Except when you think about it, there is only one country that resolution is targeted at and that is Israel. The President is not happy with Israel’s nuclear capabilities. I think he would be delighted if Israel gave up its nuclear weapons. The only unknown answer at this point is exactly how much pressure he would exert on Israel to do just that. Part of that pressure is being exerted right now by even considering the possibility of a conference on a nuclear-weapons-free Middle East.” (Interview with Army Radio – reported in Jerusalem Post, May 4, 2010)

Ezekiel in chapter 38 describes Israel as dwelling in peace and safety when the Russian/Iranian land invasion starts. Today Israel is not dwelling in either peace or safety. Once it agrees to a comprehensive peace agreement, under the intense pressure of the United States, the United Nations and the nations of the world, it will finally, it will then believe, be allowed to survive and live in the security of the peace treaty, and under the military protection of the United States. Prophecy confirms, though, that the peace agreement will be broken, as Iran, Libya, Russia and other Muslim dominated nations, sweep in to try to “push Israel into the sea”. It is at that point that Israel cries out to the Daughter of Babylon/America for its military assistance and protection.

Why not just use its own nuclear weapons to stop the invasion? Oops. Under US pressure, and as part of its “unshakable commitment” to Israel’s military security and survival, Israel may well be talked into giving up its nuclear arms. If Israel does so, it would be a foolish, dangerous move, but it has previously given up Hebron (where Abraham and many Patriarchs are buried), surrendered Gaza and now has agreed to stop new settlements in east Jerusalem. None of these “steps for peace” actually brought Israel any peace. On the contrary, each has encouraged Israel’s enemies towards more violence.

Genesis 12:3 promises that those who curse Israel will themselves be cursed. If the US continues to pursue an effort to force Israel to dis-arm itself, the results will be catastrophic for both Israel and for the United States. Israel, without nukes, holding a worthless military defense commitment from the US, will be an irresistible plum to be plucked by its enemies. The US, having enabled the arms lay down under its “unshakable commitment” to defend Israel, won’t keep its commitment, and will be destroyed because of its “treachery”. (Jeremiah 51:35)

These are serious times. Serious Christians and Jews, living in America, must be more than aware of what our nation is doing to hurt Israel. Continuing to dwell in such a nation will lead to death and destruction. God in His infinite compassion has warned us. Will we listen? Will we act in obedience? “Come out of her, my people! Run for your lives! Run from the fierce anger of the Lord”.(Jeremiah 51:45)