“The Most High is sovereign over all kingdoms on earth and gives them to anyone he wishes and sets over them the lowliest of people.” (Daniel 4:17)

Over the last three plus years many Christians, this writer included, have expressed increasing levels of frustration, even anger, over the actions of the incumbent President of the United States. ‘Why does he do what he does?’ ‘How did he get elected in the first place?’ Political discontent, of course, started early in man’s history. Recall how the Israelites murmured against Moses, who had just led them out of slavery in Egypt. Murmuring against our leaders is apparently ingrained in our nature. However, it’s accurate to say that current levels of angst over the occupant of the White House are at a fever pitch, particularly among Christians. The purpose of this post is to attempt to look at the leader of our nation, as God Almighty may Himself view him. You may be surprised at the conclusions reached.

I. Who Picks Our Leaders?

We live in a representative republic. Thus, we get to pick our leaders. Right? Is that how it works? See Daniel 4:17, above. Let’s ask it this way. Can a nation avoid God’s sovereignty over it by how the method it chooses to elect/pick/select those who have earthly power over them? Well, apparently, though God allows us some permissive will in life, say, in how we cast our votes, He retains the sovereign right to select who rules over the affairs of man. As humans, and Americans, we tend to chafe over that concept. We get to choose, don’t we? Re-read Daniel 4:17, above. Who decides the weather on Election Day? Who decides who stays in the race for office, or who even announces or who withdraws? Who decides which voters show up? We flatter ourselves to think that we decide who rules over us. As damaging as it is to our egos, and our civic pride, God Almighty is still….well…. God Almighty, and He rules over the affairs of man. Does that mean we shouldn’t vote? Of course not. As long as He has allowed us such a sacred right, we should utilize it. All the while knowing that God controls the outcome, just as He controlled the casting of the lot, another selection device that He authorized, and controlled.

OK. So God picks our leaders. Why did He pick this leader? This is a question many have asked themselves, particularly Christians who know that God reigns over the affairs of mankind. What’s God doing? Has He provided us clues?

II. The Perfect Storm

This analysis of God’s selection of the incumbent President of the United States of America follows the meteorological phenomenon known as “The Perfect Storm”. In 1991 three weather events came together in the north Atlantic off the coast of New England. A small cyclone-like warm air flow from a low pressure zone came down from Atlantic Canada; a cool and dry mass of air came from a different direction from a high pressure zone; and a third weather system was thrown into the mix, as moist tropical air from Hurricane Grace collided with the other two systems. The result was not only labeled as the Perfect Storm, the National Weather Service called it the “storm of the century”. Thirteen died, over two hundred million dollars of property was destroyed and records were broken. One buoy measured waves at 100.7 feet, the highest ever recorded in that area. A book, and then a movie (The Perfect Storm), soon followed.

William Koenig’s book, Eye to Eye – Facing the Consequences of Dividing Israel, noted that President George H.W. Bush (41) was in Madrid at the very time of the storm giving a history-making speech. He was the first U.S. President to officially and publicly call for Israel to give up some its land in order to obtain “peace”, contrary to scripture, in which Israel is admonished not to give up the land which God gave to Israel. Within just hours of President Bush’s call on Israel to engage in “territorial compromise” the Perfect Storm hit Kennebunkport, Maine, the site of the Bush family compound with three story waves covering the Bush three story home, according to the New York Times (November 1, 1991). Koenig asked if God created this Perfect Storm to send a perfect message.

Just as the Perfect Storm included three weather systems that would not normally ever come together, the incumbent President has within his background, training and beliefs three political belief systems. None of these three political belief systems would normally be held by a President of the United States. So, finding all three belief systems combined in one man, especially the leader of the free world, might seem to be impossible. But, the incumbent President, like the Perfect Storm, is the Perfect President.

III. Political Belief System Part One – Muslim Training

Barry Soetoro (a/k/a Barack H. Obama) was a student for the early years of his life at schools in Indonesia. He was registered at the schools as a “Muslim” with “Indonesian” citizenship. He studied Islam daily; read and recited the Quran; learned Arabic and studied the laws of Islam. In Dreams from My Father, the President acknowledged studying the Quran, describing his school in Indonesia as “a Muslim school”. He wrote, “In the Muslim school, the teacher wrote to tell mother I made faces during Quaranic studies.” The principal of the school, Tine Hahiyary, recalls the young Soetoro “studying the Quran in Arabic”. One of his classmates, Rony Amir, described him as “previously quite religious in Islam.”

All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten by Robert Fulgham emphasized the importance of what we learn as young people. Numerous studies have confirmed that how we view life is largely determined by how our ‘soft disc drive brains’ are programmed in our first years of existence. Needless to say, no prior President of the United States ever attended a Muslim school, nor learned the Quran nor studied Arabic. What are the chances that a US President would have a Muslim background?

A Muslim political belief system, ingrained early in life, is an essential component of “The Perfect President”, to be used by God for His perfect purposes. Why? Continue reading.

IV. Political Belief System Part Two – Marxist Training

As a teen ager the incumbent President, who had moved to Hawaii with his mother, spent much of his free time with Frank Marshall Davis. Who was Frank Marshall Davis? He was a registered member of the Communist Party USA (CP#47544), listed by the FBI in its 600 plus page file listing Davis on its Security Index, as a potential threat to the US. Before being moved to Hawaii by the Communist Party to organize labor unions to overthrow the government of the new State, Davis had previously been the editor for Communist newspapers in Chicago. The influence of Davis on his young student is documented by Dr. Paul Kengor in The Communist – Frank Marshall Davis: the Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mentor.

Dr. Kengor suggests that there may be reasons to believe that Davis was the biological father of the President. For those interested in further pursuing that issue, they may choose to view the documentary, Dreams from My Real Father, by Joel Gilbert (Highway 61 Entertainment Production). Gilbert documents the relationship that developed between the President’s mother Stanley Ann Dunham and Davis. He argues that a major reason that the President spent so much time with Davis was because Davis was not only Obama’s mentor, but raised the future President in his free time, as his father. Whether one believes that Davis was the President’s biological father is not essential, as his Marxist mentorship of the President is the important issue. (Though this conclusion does explain Obama’s refusal to release a birth certificate, not to hide the location of his birth, which was apparently in the US, but the identity of his real father.) The President wrote in his autobiography that when he left Hawaii to enroll at Occidental College in California, he first sought out “Marxist professors”. Apart from his mentorship by one of America’s leading Communist ideologues, why would this young student have sought out Marxist professors?

What are the chances that a US President would have a Marxist background? A Marxist political belief system, ingrained early in life, is an essential component of The Perfect President, to be used by God for His perfect purposes. Why? Continue reading.

V. Political Belief System Part Three – Anti-Colonialist Training

The President’s grandfather arranged that an African student would marry his daughter, Stanley Ann Dunham. The student, Barack Hussein Obama, was brought to Hawaii under a program known as Airlift Africa, sponsored by the CIA, to train young African leaders in the ways of the west. Gilbert’s documentary includes a picture of the President’s grandfather and Obama at the CIA welcoming ceremony when he arrived at Hickam Air Base. Though Obama was already married, he was persuaded to agree to marry Dunham’s daughter. Soon after, he was admitted to a graduate program at Harvard and was divorced from his American wife to whom he was married for such a short time.

In the President’s Dreams from My Father he writes extensively about his ‘sheep-herder Kenyan father’, whom he only met once. But, he frequently mentions in his book the importance in his early life of “Frank”, though he never uses “Frank’s” last name, nor does he identify who “Frank” actually was. What he does do is talk about his two later trips to Kenya to get in touch with his roots. What the President has done in his book, and in his frequent speeches about his Kenyan father, is link himself to the “dreams” of his purported African father. What are those “dreams”? Author Dinesh D’Souza, in his documentary 2016, confirms the anti-colonialist background of the President’s African grandfather, father and other relatives, who resisted and fought against British colonialism in Kenya, and in Africa generally. America is likewise seen as a colonial power. D’Souza begins the movie by showing the bust of Winston Churchill which had previously resided in the Oval Office as a gift from America’s allied nation and which was promptly shipped back to Great Britain in the President’s first week in office.

D’Souza notes that anti colonialists support jihadists and radical Muslims because they see them as co-victims of colonialism, which they strongly oppose. Thus, supporting radicals in the Muslim world, or at the very least not using every resource available to thwart them (example – allowing Iran to continue to develop nuclear weapons) is quite consistent with an anti-colonialist belief system.

What are the chances that a US President would have an anti-colonialist background? An anti-colonialist political belief system, ingrained early in life, is an essential component of The Perfect President, to be used by God for His perfect purposes. Why? Continue reading.

VI. The Perfect Political Storm is Swirling

Just as one cyclone, or one low pressure system or even a small hurricane, by themselves, would not likely have led to a book and a movie commemorating The Perfect Storm. Likewise, just some Muslim training, or some Marxist beliefs or a leaning against America and Britain as colonial  powers, though unprecedented in a US President, and thus troubling, would not, taken alone, be a cause for a red alert, so to speak. But, just as Hurricane Grace joined a small cyclone and combined with a high pressure system to wreak havoc on America, the mixture of three toxic political belief systems combined in one man, should be more than cause for concern for Americans.

Coming back to where we started this article, we must acknowledge that God chooses our leaders. Thus, He has chosen our incumbent President. In doing so, He has combined in one man the background, training, parentage and beliefs of Islam, Marxism and anti-colonialism. What were the chances of The Perfect Storm forming in 1991? What were the chances of The Perfect President being elected in 2008? God doesn’t work on “chances”, but on His sovereign choices. Unless, America experiences a spiritual awakening, it is quite likely to experience a second term of The Perfect President. Perfect to be the instrument of God’s judgment on America, a nation which has destroyed seventy million of its own children through abortion. Over the last few months I have often observed that:

IF Barack Obama is God’s instrument of judgment on America,

there is no force on earth that can prevent his re-election.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t pray, work and vote for change. It does mean that we may watching The Perfect President eventually take the actions that prophecy says the leader of a rich, powerful and influential end times nation will take. More details on this subject may be found at In The End of America (99 cents on Kindle) we read the 223 verses written by five Old and New Testament prophets that tell us of the destruction of the described end times nation that betrays Israel. No other prior President of the United States would so callously disregard calls for help by an invaded Israel, with whom this end times nation has a military defense agreement.

How does one explain an incumbent who is tied in the polls, while at the same time the nation faces unprecedented economic bad news, high gas prices, millions unemployed and numerous natural disasters? In spite of these facts, this President may, nevertheless, be re-elected? As Christians we may grumble about the mainstream media, or uninformed voters, or slanted polls, or…fill in the blank. The inconvenient truth is that we always get the leaders that we deserve, and leaders whom God chooses, based on….us. We need to fulfill II Chronicles 7:14, soon, humbling ourselves, in prayer, seeking God’s face and turning from our wicked ways….in order to be healed by God Almighty. We can’t vote ourselves out of a second term of The Perfect President if that’s God’s plan. However, if we experience a true II Chronicles 7:14 spiritual awakening and repentance, we could see the healing of our nation in our time. It’s no more complicated than that. God bless.

John Price

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