On the eve of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s visit to the US last Friday President Obama took center stage to say words about Israel that no prior American President had ever uttered. He referred to Israel’s role in the land that God gave to the nation as an “occupation”. He said that “Israel can never live in true peace as a Jewish state if it insists on “permanent occupation”. True, Jimmy Carter has taken to using similar words attacking Israel, but only after he left the White House, never when he was the nation’s Chief Executive. In addition, as has been widely reported, the President called on Israel to give up its land that God gave to them when they were attacked in 1967. Later, under attack from critics, the President claimed that his proposal for Israel to give up its land acquired in 1967 was not an original idea. He’s partially correct, as George H. W. Bush (41) proposed in Madrid that Israel cut itself in two and give up its land as a part of a Two State Solution”. The very next day the ‘Perfect Storm’ blew through President’s Bush’s house in Kennebunkport, Maine.

The next day after the President proposed that Israel surrender its sovereign land he met with PM Netanyahu in the Oval Office. The photos of the encounter spoke volumes, as the President slouched in his chair, obviously dismissive of his guest, whom he stood up for dinner in his first year in office. The PM spoke eloquently of Israel’s desire to survive and forcefully pointed out that under the Obama proposal Israel would be “indefensible”. Think of this for a moment. If a major world power were to dictate to the United States that it give back the land it acquired since 1776, or even since 1817, how would we react?

A Multivortex Warning?

The Obama speech was the obvious culmination of several weeks of plans by the Administration to attempt to force Israel to give up and give in. The speech answered the question many Christians have been asking over the last few weeks: what is the US doing to curse Israel behind the scenes that we don’t know about, and the results of which have been history-making devastation by tornado and flood? Now we know. The Joplin tornado was the strongest on record, with winds over 200 mph, and a “rare multivortex tornado, with two or more smaller intense centers of rotation orbiting the larger funnel”. Americans and America are being harmed by our nation’s actions against Israel. Genesis 12:3 promises blessings for those who bless Israel and curses for those who curse Israel. The verse doesn’t say – ‘except for the US, of course, because it’s so exceptional’.

Where are these anti-Israel American efforts headed? To New York City in mid-September, 2011. The world, with American behind-the-scenes backing, is planning to create in about one hundred days the State of Palestine by UN resolution. Don’t forget that George W. Bush (43) planned to announce a capitulation by Israel to US and world land surrender demands in mid September 2008, before that is, God had His say, and the news out of New York City was of financial collapse, not Israel’s collapse. We should shudder to think of what will happen if the UN/US go ahead and actually form a nation claiming Israel’s land as its own.

Second Term?

God confirms in His word that he raises up and He takes down leaders of the world’s nations. No national leader is in power by accident. IF President Obama is God’s instrument for judgment on America, IF he is, then no power on earth can defeat him next November for re-election. Frankly, 2011 is shaping up as the campaign year that wasn’t. Usually the year before a national election is a major season for building the electoral machine to capture the White House. Where are today’s Ronald Reagans? In politics the old saw is still true –‘you can’t beat somebody with nobody’. The Republican Party will eventually select a nominee to oppose President Obama, but where is that person today?

Certainly not very apparent. The quite obvious threat to Israel of an Obama second term was summed up in this week’s editorial cartoon in the Jerusalem Post. It showed the President and Israel’s walking together, with the President telling Israel’s leader “If I’m re-elected, I’ll crush you like a steam locomotive”. The PM’s reply is “If you’re re-elected, I’ll lie down on the tracks and wait for it.”

If there is a Second Term, there is every indication that Israel will pay a heavy price in lost land, lessened security, and a coerced “peace” treaty, with the stage set for a future Russian-Arab invasion (See Ezekiel 38-40), a treacherous betrayal by the US and American destruction. The slope that our nation is now on is slippery indeed. God’s people must be aware of the high stakes involved. The future lives and well being of millions are on the line.

AUTHOR’S NOTE – The Author and his wife are leaving this week end for an intensive Spanish language school in Latin America, followed by a lengthy visit to two Latin American nations. We are taking these actions in obedience to the Biblical warnings covered in depth in THE END OF AMERICA. We’ll be posting what we learn in the appropriate forum once we are located and able to do so. Prayers are appreciated. Adios.